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When a B2B company sits down to put together a content strategy, they typically build it in the name of all-mighty thought leadership and brand awareness.

And this is where they go wrong. Instead of focusing on being recognized as an authority in their field, a B2B company could be…

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Just like you wouldn’t hire a plumber to fix a leaky roof, you wouldn’t hire a copywriter to write instruction manuals.

There is a lot of confusion about what copywriting is and what it is not. …

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Imagine you’re talking to your friend about your previous job and why you left it. And now, imagine you’re speaking about the same thing but with your new employer.

Are there any changes in your way of speaking?

We change the way we talk depending on the person we’re talking…

This is me and my trusty laptop :D

If you — like me — enjoy putting words on paper, I bet the thought of writing a book has crossed your mind more than once. …

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This article is not going to tell you about the spread of coronavirus and how the medical systems aren't prepared for it. It's not going to tell you how many people die and how many people still hang out outside thinking the government is overreacting. It's not going to tell…

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Ever since coronavirus started spreading like wildfire in Italy, I’ve been checking the stats every morning to see if the curve is finally flattening.

74,386 cases, 7,503 deaths. Skyrocketing curves tell an alarming story.

For the past few days, however, it seems like the nationwide lockdown is finally working.


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Once upon a time, there were merchants who sold their products and services on the internet. To get their websites rank high on Google they would hire a squad of so-called content writers to scrape stuff from Wikipedia, stuff it with keywords, and slap it on the blog. But then…

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In 2019, 4.4 million blog posts were published every day. It’s more than twice the number of blog posts published 7 years ago.

Underneath those numbers is a growing industry that is making people rich. In 2020 this industry will grow even bigger. …

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“There is no such thing as a new idea,” said Mark Twain.

It’s a crowded world out there. For every topic you’re going to write about, there are tons of materials already published by someone else.

Content that’s never been done before is the best way to turn heads and…

One study analyzed what makes people buy the product and recommend it to others. They looked at more than 40 variables that impact the purchasing decision including price, customer’s perception of a brand, and how often they interacted with the brand.

It turns out, the single biggest driver of a…

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